Pastor Ben’s Picks

Enjoy gleaning from the following sermons from the Godly men that I do.





JD Farag Mid East Update

“What really happened” Pastor Dwight explains the current division within Calvary Chapel

Determining Your Calling – Pastor Jack Abeelen

Bill Gallatin This is an incredible message. Don’t miss this one!

Pastor Chik Chikeles “Are You in the Battle or on the Roller Coaster?”

Wes Bentley “Understanding our role as men”

How Same Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone

General William Boykin’s Testimony

David Guzik “Take a Stand”

Jeremiah Boek “Fellowship of Suffering”

Sexual Purity in a sexually impure world Damian Kyle

The Spirit Filled Husband – Pastor Joe Focht

The Spirit Filled Wife – Pastor Joe Focht